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What Is Rukia Bankai

What Is Rukia Bankai. What is rukia bankai japanese? By adding a power supply, she can extend her frosty powers and lower the temperature around her to absolute zero.

*Rukia Bankai* Bleach Anime Photo (36736687) Fanpop
*Rukia Bankai* Bleach Anime Photo (36736687) Fanpop from www.fanpop.com

Rukia’s bankai is called hakka no togame. In the series, rukia is a soul reaper, (死神, shinigami, literally 'death god'), in charge of slaying evil spirits known as hollows. At the beginning, after a brief meeting with.

*Rukia Bankai* Bleach Anime Photo (36736687) Fanpop

The same except it won't kill her and she can move now. Rukia's bankai, hakka no togame, is still a bit mysterious because it has only been used once. Don't forget she was originally just a soul reaper, she's just a main character. Hakka no togame (白霞罸, censure of the white haze;