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What Is Clob In Sql

What Is Clob In Sql. Using this datatype , you. Select clob ('this is a clob') from sysibm.sysdummy1;

Oracle EMPTY_CLOB function
Oracle EMPTY_CLOB function from www.sqlsplus.com

Blob data type is generally used to store large files such as images, media files such as video and audio clips in the database. In sql server the clob type is documented as text or varchar(max); This is used to store large binary data.

Oracle EMPTY_CLOB function

This stores values in the form of binary streams. Since the clob object in jdbc is implemented using an sql. By default drivers implement a clob object using an sql locator (clob), which means that a clob object contains a logical pointer to the sql clob data rather than the data itself. Hello all, i have method that uses the clob object.hence i added the statement import oracle.sql.clob or import oracle.sql.*;