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What Is Anagin

What Is Anagin. Angina pectoris is a medical term for chest discomfort or pain as a result of coronary heart disease. Chest pain could be angina if it:

Angina pectorisICD10CM2017
Angina pectorisICD10CM2017 from www.slideshare.net

This occurs when arteries that carry blood to your heart become narrowed and blocked because of atherosclerosis or a blood clot. It happens when some part of your heart does not get enough blood and oxygen. Angina is a heart condition caused by the blood supply to the heart muscle being restricted.

Angina pectorisICD10CM2017

Angina chest pain, called an angina event. Angina is not a disease but a symptom of coronary artery disease and is typically described as heaviness or tightness in the chest. Pain or discomfort in the chest, often described as squeezing, pressure or tightness. Due to the insufficient blood flow to the heart, heart cells are starved of oxygen and begin to die.