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What Is A Wet Riser In A Building

What Is A Wet Riser In A Building. Wet riser maintenance is essential, in the event of an emergency it is paramount that the system works. Other types of vertical riser include:

Dry Riser Inspections
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Wet risers are permanently charged with. Other types of vertical riser include: Their concept is to supply a ready supply of water to all the floors of tall/large buildings where the fire brigade could find access difficult or impractical.

Dry Riser Inspections

A wet riser is a system of pipes and valves running through the inside of a building that are permanently filled with water. A vertical pipe—the riser itself. Dry risers are necessary for buildings taller than 18m, and provide easily accessible ports to which the fire brigade can. React 4 group design, supply, install, test and commission dry or wet risers systems to meet british standards namely bs9990:2015, bs9991, bs9999 and approved document b (fire safety) of the building regulations (england & wales).