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What Is A Ristretto At Starbucks

What Is A Ristretto At Starbucks. A ristretto shot will have less extraction time and therefore produces a more concentrated, bolder flavor. It’s a strong, bold, and sweet version of the starbucks classic, brewed in an espresso machine using hot water.

What is ristretto?
What is ristretto? from stories.starbucks.com

What this does is step up the amount that we are dissolving from the coffee beans. Add a drizzle of caramel sauce Starbucks ristretto is a coffee drink with less caffeine than other coffee drinks.

What is ristretto?

In terms of the aroma and flavor profile, the ristretto is, without a doubt, far more potent than the espresso. It also has a sweeter finish than espresso. It used the same amount of water but a shorter time to extract the coffee, resulted the caffeine in reduced ratio to the flavorful coffee oils. The same grounds are used, but the amount of time that the barista spends pouring the hot water over the espresso will be shorter.