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Wat Is N Monopolie

Wat Is N Monopolie. Kenmerke van 'n monopolie 'n monopolie word gekenmerk deur die bestaan van 'n enigste maatskappy wat sy. In sommige gevalle word monopolies uitdruklik deur die regering gekies wanneer dit die reg verleen.

What do Arden, Monopoly have in common?
What do Arden, Monopoly have in common? from delawareonline.com

A monopoly (from greek μόνος, mónos, 'single, alone' and πωλεῖν, pōleîn, 'to sell'), as described by irving fisher, is a market with the absence of competition, creating a situation where a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular thing. 'n voorbeeld is elektriese en water nuts. Konvensioneel, kan alle vorme verdeel word in drie hoofklasse:

What do Arden, Monopoly have in common?

Narrowly it is used to mean a combination of manufacturers or merchants to control the supply price of commodities or services. As a company acquires a larger and larger market share, they are able to exert unnatural control over the market. Also, in a monopoly, there is no difference between the firm and the industry. Monos / μονος (alleen, enkel) + polein / πωλειν (verkope)) is 'n situasie waar 'n produk of diens slegs seur 'n enkele party aangebied word.