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Wat Is Douane

Wat Is Douane. Information and translations of douanes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Als douanier hou je je ook bezig met tal van soorten wetgeving.

3. Intern Douane dag Belasting & Douane Museum
3. Intern Douane dag Belasting & Douane Museum from www.bdmuseum.nl

Thus, goods which are sold for export or services which are sold to customers. What does the name douane mean? '(la) douane' is the french word for customs, pronounced 'dwan' if all those consecutive vowels are confusing you.you may be surprised to hear that 'douane' actually has a place in the oxford dictionary of english, described as a “custom house in france or other mediterranean countries”.

3. Intern Douane dag Belasting & Douane Museum

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